TestFLO 101

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Find and install TestFLO - Jira Test Management & QA Tool from the Atlassian Marketplace in the add-on administration pages. Follow app installation instruction at Atlassian's Documentation.

You can also find app and generate Evaluation License via TestFLO Marketplace page.

The Concept


Each organization approaches the test process in a different way. TestFLO is a configurable application that allows you to adapt to an existing process. There are several different ways of Projects' Organization with TestFLO. You can choose whether you want to keep your current projects separately from test management or combine them together.
We recognized several possible approaches for managing test process:

  • Simple solution
  • General test management
  • Many applications
  • Separate test repository

To get more information, see Projects' Organization.

Issues & Subtasks

TestFLO provides own issue types and subtasks:

  • Test Case Template which is a specific template for future Test Cases. Is an not executable issue type. Test Case Templates becomes executable Test Cases when you add it to Test Plan.

  • Test Case is an executable copy of Test Case Templates. Test Cases are under Test Plan. Show custom columns to reflect all information you want to be visible on plan (i.e. Defects, Assignee/Tester, Status, Steps Progress, Environment, etc.). Test Cases have dedicated operations to speed up common actions. Create Defect allows you to create another issue directly from TC and link it with Requirement in automatically. 

  • Test Plan can be connected with Requirements using dedicated custom field to see Test Progress on Requirements. Test Plans can be executed many times producing different results (Copy Test Plan, Snapshots).

Steps panel

List of steps/instructions for tester. You can customize steps' columns, define statuses and many more. To read more, see General tab.

Basic Setup

After install TestFLO app, project's configuration is extend with new section - Test Management. On the Test Management introduction page you can find two ways to turn app on:

You can also start working with app using:

Check which solution will best suit your needs and start working with TestFLO app.

Design, Plan, Execute


First you need to start with design and build your test repository.

  • Create new issues Test Case Template (TCT) (You can change the name if you like in JIRA itself.)
  • Define Steps list and set other fields you want. It is just an issue so you can customize screens, fields and workflows.
  • Link TCT with Requirements. That is one way of telling what is test coverage of your requirements.


Next step is to Plan test execution.

  • Create new issue Test Plan (TP) or use existing issues like Story, New Feature, Improvement, etc. (see Issue Types for more).
  • On create screen you should have tests selection table/field. Use column filtering, advanced search/JQL, or predefined filter to find your TCT.
  • Press Create button to create TP and Test Cases (TC) which are subtasks derived from TCTemplate.


If Test Plan is ready, you can Execute your tests.

You can also customize your configuration: