Preconditions Configuration

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The Preconditions Configuration gives you opportunity to enable Preconditions and decide from which projects you want to share preconditions in current project. This field is presented on Test Case Template and Test Case view.


Status of Preconditions


To enable Preconditions

  1. Click slider to enable Preconditions


The Preconditions are enabled in current project. Also the Preconditions repository are now available - to read more information see Preconditions repository.

Projects sharing preconditions

With this option it is possible to use the existing Preconditions repository from another project. All you need to do is select a project/s from the list. Only those projects in which Preconditions are enabled are available on the list.


If you disable Preconditions from project/s with which you share their repository, they will be shown on the Projects with disabled preconditions list. The Preconditions repository from that project/s will be not available anymore in current project.