Upgrade Guide

Below you can find a walkthrough of the upgrade process.

Preparing to upgrade

1. Release Notes

Before upgrade review all Release Notes. Learn about new features, improvements and bug fixes. Below you can find Release Notes for:

2. Upgrade path

Determine your upgrade path with information from table:

TestFLO VersionRecomended upgrade path
4.2.4 and earlierUpgrade to 4.3.1 and use the path listed below
4.3.1 to 4.4.1Upgrade to 4.4.2 and use the path listed below
4.4.2 to 5.x.xUpgrade to the latest version of TestFLO

Older versions of TestFLO are available on the Version history page.

3. Upgrade in a test environment

Prior to upgrading your production environment, the best practice is to first test the upgrade using a copy of the production environment. Prepare an environment that will be a copy of the production environment and perform the upgrade according to the table from the Upgrade path.


If you encounter any problems during upgrade please raise a support request. Include as much information as possible to help our support team resolve your issue faster.

Execute upgrade

If the upgrade in the test environment has passed positively, you can proceed with performing the upgrade on the production environment. Please determine upgrade path from table.

After upgrading from a version older than 5.1, the Upgrade reports page will be available, in which the migration status of the TestFLO elements is available.


Learn more about migration statuses at the Upgrade reports page.

Upgrade from version 5.0.5 and earlier

If you upgraded and the status of migration didn't complete successfully, please contact with the support team at Customer Portal

Have in mind that uninstalling the version and installing the previous will cause inconsistency in the TestFLO configuration. Rollback to the previous version requires a special path.