Preconditions repository


The Preconditions repository will be visible if the Preconditions are enabled in project configuration. To read more see Preconditions Configuration.

The Preconditions repository allows you to collect a database of preconditions that will be used when creating Test Case Templates and Test Cases.

This page contains:


To get to Preconditions repository

  1. Select project
  2. Select Preconditions from the left side menu


View of Preconditions repository.

Add preconditions

To add precondition enter content in text bar and click plus icon to add to repository.

Edit/delete preconditions

To edit existing precondition click on pencil icon. Make changes and confirm by clicking on checkmark or cancel changes clicking on X.

To delete precondition use bin icon.

Search preconditions

You can easily search the repository using the search bar option. Enter the word/s you are looking for in preconditions and click enter or the magnifying glass icon.