TestFLO 5.4 Release Notes

Upgrading to TestFLO 5.4

If the current version of TestFLO is older than 4.4.2 please update (version 4.4.2 is required).

We highly recommend performing the update on a test environment first.

To improve our Test Reports in the TestFLO 5.4 version, we added a new type of report - Requirement Test Execution Report. See what's new:


Requirement Test Execution Report

The Requirement Test Execution Report gives you ability to analyze the testing status of single requirements as well as the aggregated progress for a whole version.

To learn more see Requirement Test Execution Report.



  • Fixed Create TP with TCs operation when Test Plan has many required fields
  • Fixed order of steps import with CSV Steps Importer
  • Fixed displaying Test Cases information on Test Snapshots tab
  • Fixed displaying Steps on issue when field is disabled on Screen
  • Fixed issues with Steps Progress field while creating Test Cases
  • Fixed issues while reindexing Jira
  • Fixed visibility of Test Reports on IE11
  • Fixed arrows visibility for ordering in Test Cases panel