Requirement Test Execution Report

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This report shows the overall state of test execution for requirements in a version. In clearly way you can verify the testing status of single requirements as well as the agregated progress for a whole version.


To see which Test Cases or Defects were created for a given requirement, click on the number in the Test Cases or Defects column.



The Requirements issue types visible in this Report you can set in Requirements tab in Test Management.


The Requirements issue types and the Test Cases have to be linked using the Requirement CF to show their relationship.


To use the Requirement Test Execution Report

  1. Click on Projects in main bar in Jira and select project from project list.
  2. Click on Test Reports on left side menu
  3. Choose the Requirement Test Execution Report


View of Requirement Test Execution Report

Execution status

Statuses visible in the Execution status column shows aggregate progress of Test Cases connected with a given requirement.

Configuration for statuses in report is based on the Test Case statuses. You can determine which Test Case statuses will be treated as Pass (Passed statuses option) or Fail (Failed statuses option) in TestFLO SettingsOther Test Case statuses that haven't been selected in these two categories will be treated as Not Execute.

The Execution status is a status that indicates the overall state of tests of a requirement based on the rule:

  • Pass - requirement with all Test Cases on passed status
  • Fail - requirement with at least one Test Case on failed status
  • Not Executed - requirement with Test Cases where all statuses are neither failed nor passed
  • No Tests - requirement with no Test Cases at all

Quick filters

You can filter the requirements using built-in filters.