Update Test Cases

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Operation that updates all not executed TC's that were created from given TCT. It is similar to TestFLO - Update Test Cases From Template post-function.

This operation is available on:

  • Test Case Template
  • Test Plan 


  1. in Administration-> Issues -> Custom Fields add Custom Field of type TestFLO - Issue Link Field.
    Read-only option can not be enabled if you want to perform the operation.


  2. in main plugin configuration (top menu TestFLO-> Configuration or via Add-ons administration) in category Custom Fields indicate on previously created Custom Field
  3. in main plugin configuration in category Test Case indicate a filter (specified earlier) with columns configuration that will be used for updating TC from TCT. It is useful when you do (or do not) want to update fields like fix version, components, priority, etc. If empty, all fields will be updated.
    The table below lists the fields copied by default (without a filter set in the configuration) and those that can be updated using a filter.

    Field typeDefault configurationField configuration from filter
    Component/syes (compared by name)yes (compared by name)
    Remaining Estimateyesyes
    Original Estimateyesyes
    Attachmentsyes (compared by name and file size)yes (every time, no attachment column in filter, compared by name and file size)
    Affects Version/snoyes (compared by name)
    Fix Version/snoyes (compared by name)
    Issue linksnoyes
    Issue securitynono (inherited from Test Plan)
    Custom fieldsyes (all in TCT and TC context)yes