TestFLO - Subtasks Status


This workflow condition allows to execute given transition on parent issue (for eg. Test Plan) when all or any subtasks are in given status.



To set the TestFLO - Subtasks Status:

  1. Go to the Jira Administration > Issues > Workflows
  2. Select a workflow which is used for Test Plan and click on Edit mode
  3. Select the appropriate transition where you want to set the condition
  4. Click on Add condition button
  5. Select TestFLO - Subtask Status Condition
  6. Click Add
  7. Select subtasks' issue types for which the condition is to be checked
  8. Select statuses that need to be valid during the condition check. Hold Ctrl for multiselect.
  9. Optional - select ANY subtask meet condition instead of ALL if there is no need for all subtasks to be in pointed statuses.
  10. Click Add


Condition has been added.