Defect Reporting

Created vs. Resolved

(star) To check whether bugs are resolved fast enough use 'Created vs Resolved' gadget:

If red area is growing, it means new bugs are registered by testers but programmers do not follow with fixes.

Statuses, Components Stats

(star) To see defects statistics use 'Pie Chart' or 'Issue Statistics' gadget. The first one below presents statuses, the second - how many defects are created for each component.

(star) You can make more similar statistics for:

  • project
  • versions
  • labels
  • status
  • reporter
  • assignee
  • resolution
  • component
  • ...any statable custom field.

Resolution Time

(star) Another way of measuring how fast defects are resolved and to predict end of retests is checking defect's resolution time.

First gadget shows average number of days defects were unresolved. Second shows average number of days taken to resolve defects.

Tracking on Issue Level

There are few ways of tracking defects on issue level.

(star)  First is to see aggregated defects keys in custom field. (Only 'defect' issue link type is considered. It is possible to filter defects by status. You can add conditions based on Defects CF value.)

(star) It is common to see defects directly on Test Plan. It is done with Test Cases panel:

(star) For each Test Plan iteration (retest) snapshot is created. Each time defects list can vary depending on test result. Check Test Plan Snapshots issue tab:

Most Defects in Requirement

(star) To see which Requirements has biggest defects count use 'Issue Statistics' gadget. First shows all defect's statuses, second only unresolved.