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This section is responsible for elements related to TestFLO's custom fields.


Requirement CF

Test Case Templates, Test Plans, Test Cases and Defects can be linked with Requirements. This is helpful to track defects, TP, TCT and Test Cases from Requirement perspective.

Steps CF

This field let you to create table with custom columns. It can be used both on TCT and TC for storing 'steps' that need to be taken for TC execution. You can use this field on any other issue for task decomposition, storing organized data, etc.

TP Status CF

Allows to represent Test Plan states with colored bar.

TP Progress CF

Custom field that shows progress of subtasks or related issues.

TC Status CF

Allows to represent Test Case states with colored bar.

TC Group CF

Test Cases Panel on Test Plan allows to define groups. To which group given TC belongs are stored in given custom field (Read-only Text Field cf type).

TC Template CF

Test Case are created out of Test Case Template. If you want to keep information about Test Case origin define Custom Field of type InTENSO [TMS] - Issue Link Field. It may be used for:

  • propagating changes from TCT to all not executed TC,
  • showing all created TC on TCT,
  • referring to TCT directly from TC.

Steps Progress CF

Custom field that shows progress of steps.

Defects CF

This field aggregates issue keys from select type of link. You can select statuses that you are interested with. For example when aggregating bugs under TC, select those which are unresolved.

Defects on TP CF

Aggregate Subtask Values is the advanced custom field that can be used for aggregating Defects for Test Plan.


Preconditions CF allows tester to manage conditionals for Test Case.