Panel Configuration


Panel allows to show issues from filter under other issue in panel. Common solution is that issues a, b, c have relation to issue X (using Text Field cf type, Issue Link Field or other field – what matters is ability to use cf in filter).
Then under issue X we can show issues a, b, c.


  1. Access panel configuration: Add-ons-> (left panel: TestFLO) Panel Filter Result
  2. In the configuration you have listed all created filters. At the bottom of the list you can add new panel and in "Action" column there are several operations for each panel.
  3. Adding new panel screen:

  • Panel title - Panel name shown on issue.
  • Issue type - On which issue types this panel should appear.

  • Project - For which project this panel should be available (both with 'Issue type' it can be considered as context for panel).
  • Filter - Values for given panel will be taken from filter.
  • JQL - Additional criteria for filter result. Mostly it comes with conjunction with _ISSUE_KEY_ placeholder that returns given issue key for which panel is rendered. Back to example above with issues a,b,c and X - _ISSUE_KEY_ will return X.
    The correct syntax depends on custom field's type: for Enhanced Issue Picker use "=", for text "~".

    Supported placeholders:
    _ISSUE_KEY_ - ex. 'Requirement' = _ISSUE_KEY_
    _FIX_VERSION_ - fixVersion in (_FIX_VERSION_)
    _AFFECTED_VERSION_ - affectedVersion in (_AFFECTED_VERSION_)
    _COMPONENT_ - component in (_COMPONENT_)
    _ASSIGNEE_ - assignee = _ASSIGNEE_
    _REPORTER_ - reporter = _REPORTER_
    _STATUS_ - status = _STATUS_
    _RESOLUTION_ - resolution = _RESOLUTION_

Following example shows Requirement issue with connected Test Plan.

Administrator can give permission for project roles, groups or users to configure Panel Filter Results.