TestFLO Demo Backup


Starting your adventure with a new product is always a challenge and usually we want to get to know its capabilites as soon as possible. The same challenge comes with TestFLO. Taking into account its flexible and complex nature, we want to make your experience of getting familiar with our add-on, smooth and satisfying. As another way of exploring the world of TestFLO, we have prepared a demo environment backup, the same as you can find at TestFLO demo instance, except one thing - now you can play with it as an administrator on your test environment. This instance is preconfigured with some custom solutions compared with default TestFLO setup, to show you how powerful TestFLO with JIRA might be. Below you will find the changes applied in this backup in comparison to default JIRA/TestFLO configuration.

JIRA Backup with TestFLO

Backup fileTestFLO_demo.zip

JIRA Version: 7.3.8

Atlassian Documentation: Restoring data from an xml backup

Administrator credentials: admin/admin