Field Mapping

Mapping configuration

  • Remote Contract - all configuration you do in contract concern local JIRA instance. Basically it means that data set in contract will be collected and sent to remote JIRA instance. When remote JIRA instance receive request, it doesn't know how to retrieve this data, until it match proper contract based on remote contract we sent with request. In other words, remote contract is alias that connect contract from your JIRA with the remote. 

    The list may be empty if contract was not set in remote JIRA instance. Please refer to IssueSYNC in order to configure contract step by step.

  • Field Mapping - set of fields that will be synchronized. Each mapping consists of:
    • Local Field - list of local fields.
    • Local Field Name - that is the alias that will be used/visible on the remote JIRA. You can enter current field name or use own, exposed name.
    • Remote Field Name - list of all aliases/exposed fields by the remote.

Supported fields (IssueSYNC Server)


Map to same field

Map to other fields

Summary(tick) (required)
Description(tick) (required)
Due date(tick)
Labels(tick)(tick) Custom Labels Field Type
Priority(tick) By name
Assignee(tick) Based on username(tick) Custom Text Field Type
Reporter(tick) Based on username(tick) Custom Text Field Type
Comments(tick) Handled by Contract-
Service Desk's Internal Comments(tick) Handled by Contract (since v1.6)-
Service Desk's Shared Comments(tick) Handled by Contract (since v1.6)-
Attachments(tick) Handled by Contract-
Version(tick) By name (with create)
Component(tick) By name (with create)

(tick) See Workflow Synchronization


(tick) Handled by Contract (since v1.5)

* synchronization only with JIRA Server ↔ JIRA Server

Status(tick) It is made via Workflow Synchronization

Issue Key

(tick) It happens out-of-the-box. Can be activated using Synchronized Issues View
(info) Please, don't setup this in Field Mapping, it is available via this issue panel.

Issue Type(tick) It works by contract definition

Created Date,

Updated Date,

Resolved Date

(tick) These built-in fields are controlled by JIRA. Their values can be map only on some other custom fields.

(tick) Custom Text Field Type,

Custom Date Field Type

Request Type

(tick) (since v1.6)

* you should avoid changing the request type - Atlassian recommendation

Request Participants(tick) Based on username (since v1.6)

Custom Text Field Type(tick)
Custom Number Field Type(tick)
Custom Labels Field Type(tick)(tick) Labels
Custom Select List Field Type(tick) By value's name
Custom Multi Select List Field Type(tick) since v1.5
Custom Cascading Field Type(lightbulb) We are working on it
Custom Checkbox Field Type(tick) By name
Custom Radio Button Field Type(tick) By name
Custom Date Field Type(tick)
Custom MultiGroup Picker(lightbulb) We are working on it
Custom User Picker(lightbulb) We are working on it

(warning) Assignee and Reporter fields won't be updated in remote JIRA instance if no user will be found rather than synchronization break. (since version 1.7)