TestFLO [Panel Filter] - Progress Filter Result

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Progress Filter Result custom field is a convenient way to show aggregated measures of certain field values from issues collected by a selected custom filter. It is meant to be used in connection with issue panels because the selection of filters is restricted to those available for them. Consider the following scenario: a requirement contains generally a number of test plans, each of which covers a set of typical test cases. The test cases may be in one of the possible states: open, in progress, passed, failed, waiting for retest, etc. You might want to know the overall progress of a certain test plan, in that case you include the TestFLO - Subtask Color Status custom field (e.g. TP Progress) in your test plan issues, which computes the percentage of executed test cases (they are subtasks of test plans). With Progress Filter Result field you can go even further: it is capable of providing this kind of statistics for issues that have subordinate ones shown by Panel Filter Result. That enables you to find out the average progress of all your test plans within a certain requirement (think of the 'Test Progress' panel), for instance.

As shown above, the 'Progress Filter Result' custom field presents the percentage of executed tests (which is the average value of each test plan progress). The source of issues (test plans) is 'Test Progress' panel and the field used for computing the value is 'TP Progress' CF.


  1. in Administration-> Issues -> Custom Fields add Custom Field of type TestFLO [Panel Filter] - Progress Filter Result.

  2. Define its context scheme for applicable issue types and projects; restrict visibility for certain screens.
  3. You can choose the issue panel that is taken as a source of issues 
  4. and the source custom field whose value is computed. 
  5. You can also decide whether you prefer to see the percentage or absolute numbers (single click changes the value between OFF/ON).