TestFLO - Subtask Color Status

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This is a custom field that shows the progress bar of subtasks or related issues to parent connected by custom field (a custom field which returns the key of the parent/connected issue). The progress may be indicated in progress or number value.


  1. In Administration->Issues->Custom Fields create a field of type TestFLO - SubTasks color status.
  2. Select statuses that will be recognized as finished.
  3. In its configuration select the 'Use subtasks' checkbox for calculating progress based on subtasks. 
  4. If this checkbox is empty, then 'Child issue key cf id' should be selected (it should store issue key referring to parent issue – based on that is created relationship issue-subtask).
  5. Parameter Issue Types allow restricting the source of data to desired issue types. 


You can also switch from showing value instead percentage ("Show value instead %" configuration option). Also you can show value or percentage under a bar.