Communication Models





JIRA A communicates with itself. In Connection configuration you point to your instance. This model can be used when The Organization has:

  • High isolation level between projects (for example, each project is for different customer)
  • Exchange requests between departments but don't want or can use move operation





Simply model to replicate issues in other JIRA instance, for example for archivization or replication purpose.


Dual Mode


Most common scenario when issues are replicated in both instances. There are several scenarios that can vary depending on configruation, for example:

  • Keep issue head-to-head
  • Create issue only from one side but update both ways
  • Create issue optionally on workflow transition ('Report bug in service supplier')
  • Others...






This scenario is perfect for sharing issues across many JIRA instances, for example offers, RFI, update requirements definition in others software development JIRAs.


Push & Pull



This is special case of Dual Mode where one JIRA instance (A) is behind firewall / is not exposed in network. It stays active where the second JIRA works in passive mode which means all data will be pulled by the active instance.