Comments & Attachments


Comments synchronization options are part of contract configuration, you can set up comments properties in Contract→Triggers section:

Permissions to External Comments Tab

Permission's can be set globally in general configuration:

It affects visibility of 'External Comments' tab on issue. No group selected means no restriction.

Scenarios for Comments synchronization

External Comments Tab active in one JIRA only
External Comments Tab active in both JIRAs

External Comments inactive in botj JIRAs 
Only comments synchronization flag enabled:


Attachments synchronization option available on Contract→Triggers section:

Option nameDescription
  • Attachments
Enables attachments synchronization.
  • Synchronize all attachments

Similar to "All comments synchronization" described in this chapter.

Synchronize all attachments in later stage of remote issue creation.

  • Remote issue prefix for attachments
Adds remote issue id to attachment name.