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Enhanced Issue Picker is an advanced custom field that can be used for making: unlimited levels of subtasks, build complex structure of issues dependencies. In TestFLO we use it for linking TP, Defects with Requirements, and/or Requirements with Requirements (creating multi level structure).


Configuration of this field contains a lot of options:

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Description of options:

Issue type & project restrictions

Allows to define restrictions for linked/connected issues based on project and issue type. For example, if you create a Requirement CF on TP issue, then you probably want to restrict issues to Requirement issue type. If you will select Bug issue type then validation error will appear on a screen.

Selected project and issue type(s) pairs in Requirements tab module are automatically created as restrictions for the Requirement CF.


We do not recommend manually changing the restrictions in the Requirement CF.


It is possible to restrict linked/connected issue to statuses. For example on TP you may not want to select Requirements that is already Closed.

Columns layout from filter

That feature allows to point to saved & shared filter (private filters are not available for selection) in order to show connected issues in table with selected columns (columns comes from filter configuration!)

Simple select in edit

That flag switches from issue picker to drop-down list. Here is how the issue picker looks like:

Image Removed

Consider this option ON only if you have limited amount of issues to show (considering project, issue types and status restrictions) and you want. Otherwise you may face to performance problem.

Many values

When ON you will be able to select many linked/connected issues. (Single issue key is a limitation in TestFLO - Issue Link Field.)


How the keys will be ordered (by default descending)

JIRA-like issue searcher 

You can change the behavior of editing value. While it is Off you can search issues by summary from all issues scope. To restore previous behavior, turn this option On.